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Unique original creations

Mathieu Salsi is a craftsman and a framer with a unique expertise in customization: he challenges traditional codes by using original papers and fabrics in his frames. For his private or professional customers, he creates by hand real personalized decorative objects which bring creative added value to the framed document (photo, pub, engraving, etc.).

Unique decorative items

Mathieu Salsi, a Parisian craftsman, is a unique creator who uses a rare skill: the framing technique called “coasters”. He brings this old process up to date, and unlike traditional framers he designs his frames without woodwork or gilding, but with plain or patterned fabrics and natural papers. This allows him to use any type of material to create unique pieces, entirely handmade and tailor-made.


Hand made frame baby
Hand made frame advertising

Tailor-made creations

The frames are made to measure, according to the wishes of the client, the inspiration of Mathieu Salsi and the nature of the object to be framed: color or black and white photo, engraving, lithography, print, press article, show book, old advertisement or any other unusual object. Customers can also buy ready-made or offered frames on site.

Interior decoration

Mathieu Salsi’s creations fit to the expectations and prescriptions of interior decorators. He harmonizes his creations with the colors and textures of the hanging place. Mathieu suggests, for example, reusing scraps of upholstery or pieces of tapestry present in the room for more consistency.

Hand made frame Gainsbourg
Portrait Mathieu Salsi

Plain or patterned fabrics

By using thin strips of fabric in the tab of his frames instead of the classic wooden stick, Mathieu diverts his traditional uses: this adds a touch of color and a very delicate pattern to his frames. In addition to highlighting the framed object, the frame itself becomes a trendy decorative object in its own right.

Even the wax ?! Wax has long been reserved for traditional African outfits. This fabric with brightly colored patterns has entered fashion and decoration, but so far no framers have been inspired by it.

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