Home decoration

Design and execution of original decorated walls : we prepare for you a photographs display, based on hand-made frames. These unique hangings  can be adapted to your living-room, bedroom, or to professional places such as restaurants or offices. We design the wall using all types of documents : old photographs, contemporary photographs, but also lithos or magazine covers.

Our ornamental frames are realized in the hand, mainly from papers and craft fabrics. They are made either from photos sold to the gallery, or from photos brought by the customer.

Our frame speciality is the photo. Contrary to the traditional picture framers, our hand-made frames do not use either woodwork or gilt, but fabrics and natural papers. Colors and printed matters are fashionable, whether it is with liverty-style papers or fabrics specially produced for the gallery.

Wall of frames : we can realize thematic hangings of walls of frames to professional or particular clients